Daily Archives: April 23, 2013

Daily Archives: April 23, 2013

Lake Titicaca, Peru

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My friend from San Francisco, Brian, visited Machu Picchu a few days after we did, so we got to meet up with him in Cusco when he finished. His trip got off to a rocky start—the airline lost his bags so he had to skip a couple days of his intended trek. Despite some major frustration everything worked out pretty well and they had a great time on their trip. Fortunately for their group, the weather was beautiful on the …

Cusco, Peru (2)

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When we got back to Cusco after the Ayahuasca ceremony, Murray had already secured our apartment—she went straight back to the city after the Machu Picchu trek and met up with the owner of a place we found on airbnb. It was adorable! Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen, living room with cable TV, 24/7 security, etc. (for $45/night.) It even had a jacuzzi that we never ended up using. We all definitely needed some time to decompress after …


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Ayahuasca is a medicinal brew that has long been used by Amazonian tribes for divinatory and healing practices. It mainly has to do with philosophical and astronomical virtues; the medicine, containing psychoactive infusions, is administered by a shaman in some places today and is meant to help people open up their minds and connect with their souls. Individuals often take Ayahuasca to meet and conquer their fears, objectively view their pasts and/or envision their futures. In order to prepare for …