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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Cartagena, Colombia

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We spent our first two days in Cartagena catching up on work and sleep in the Mamallena Hostel with the rest of our shipmates from the Jacqueline. After spending five days together on the boat—laughing, talking, vomiting—we were as close as family, and it felt especially comfortable to have a home base in a new city. Aesthetically, Cartagena somehow manages to maintain the perfect balance of historical ruins and chic modernity within its city walls. Walking through the cobblestoned streets …

Jacqueline Sailboat

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March 6th was like Christmas Eve. After running around all day—shopping, prepping, packing—we were all tuckered out but still couldn’t sleep because of our “exciety” (which is the word we made up for excited anxiety.) After what felt like a five-minute snooze, our 4:30AM alarm went off and we bounced out of bed to begin the adventure. A band of 4x4s was parked outside our hostel and from the shadows of the pitch black morning emerged handfuls of bleary-eyed boat-bound …

Bocas del Toro & Panama City, Panama

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I think our mediocre experience in Costa Rica set us off on the wrong foot for Panama. The journey there was easy enough—Puerto Viejo is only 32km north of the border, so for once the drive was a breeze, and crossing the bridge from one country to the other was exciting! The bridge is old and run down and we had to walk across wooden planks wearing our heavy backpacks, trying not to slip on the wet wood or step …

Costa Rica

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It’s hard to say much about Costa Rica because we literally blew through the country like the Tasmanian Devil from Looney Tunes. Costa Rica definitely has a lot to offer—beautiful beaches, laidback lifestyle and peaceful democracy—but it has also become expensive and Americanized over the past few years, making it a less than ideal location for budget-conscious explorers like us. We figured it was a place we could always come back to for a vacation in later years when we …


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Unfortunately due to our extended stint in Tunco, we had limited time to spend exploring Nicaragua. In the beginning of our great adventure, and without knowing how long we would want to stay in each country, we scheduled some plans that at the time seemed extremely far off but are now quickly creeping up on us. Although we have incredible arrangements to look forward to (Lauren and Doug’s visit, hiking Machu Picchu with the Slapjacks, volunteering at the children’s hospital, …