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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Tunco Beach, El Salvador

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Beach day or pool day? That was the most difficult daily decision for the past three weeks of my life. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me start by saying that we never meant to go to El Salvador. Our original plan was actually to bus straight through Honduras en route to Costa Rica, but Alex and Jeremy (our friends from Guatemala,) said we should check out one beach town in El Salvador called El Tunco, and since it …

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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We had already heard from our friends in Antigua that the towns surrounding Lake Atitlan were rife with hippy drifters, but we weren’t quite sure what else to expect. We arrived in San Pedro after a grueling drive down unnerving roads in yet another rickety microbus on.  I felt so bad for Meghan who had picked up some kind of stomach bug the day before and was sick all morning—even I got waves of nausea from the crazy driving down …

Antigua, Guatemala

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Despite the cold, we enjoyed Semuc Champey so much that one night easily turned into four. It was really refreshing to feel completely off the grid, without any communication from the outside world, in a beautiful setting high up in the mountains. We met some incredible people and spent the rest of our time there hiking, reading, and hanging out. The locals who live nearby make their own dark, grainy chocolates and every 5 minutes the cutest little girls came …

Semuc Champey, Guatemala

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We got to Semuc Champey after 8 hours in a van filled to max capacity, driving through a rainstorm. To be fair, the drive was beautiful as the local landscape is remarkably luscious—countless shades of rich green stretch up and out as far as the eye can see with fog dripping down the tops of mountains like fresh icing on hot cinnamon rolls. Sporadic farm animals— horses, cows, pigs, goats— were tethered to the side of the road and every …