Monthly Archives: January 2013

Monthly Archives: January 2013

Flores, Guatemala

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By the time we arrived in Flores we were tired, hungry and otherwise irritable. Upon finding that our first choice hostel was completely booked, we threw in the towel and checked into the next hotel we saw. It was ludicrously overpriced at $20 per night, but we were dripping sweat and desperate to ditch our backpacks. By then it was early afternoon and we decided to take a walk around the town to get a glimpse of our new surroundings …

BPM Festival, Mexico

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We were in Playa del Carmen for so long we decided that we can now tell people we officially lived there. After a few weeks, we effortlessly morphed into locals—we had close friends in town, helped tourists with directions and recommendations; we knew the secret shortcuts and quoted prices with the confidence of natives. We even made a couple dentist appointments! We started settling into the flatness of a standard daily routine… That is until the area was flooded with …

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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My parents and sisters arrived in Mexico on December 23rd. We met at the Aventura Spa and our reunion was almost overwhelming—family time at a luxurious, all-inclusive resort after weeks of living the life of a dirty backpacker? It felt like a dream! We exchanged stories over the lunch buffet, which was chock-full of mouth-watering indulgences I hadn’t tasted in what felt like forever. Everyone was in good spirits and seemed grateful for the chance to relax all together in …